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Compilation for Charity
Posted on 2007-11-12 16:20:34
Artist/band(s): Animal Collective [FB], Black Keys [FB], Bloc Party [FB], Bright Eyes [FB], Cornelius [FB], David Sylvian [FB], Death Cab For Cutie [FB], Spoon [FB], Teargas & Plateglass [FB], The (International) Noise Conspiracy [FB], The Cure [FB], The Shins [FB], Thievery Corporation [FB], Travis [FB]

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The Waxploitation compilation album for charity is set to come out on November 27th. This inaugural ‘Causes’ album will benefit Darfur and include exclusive tracks from a variety of bands. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to three non-profit organizations: Doctors without Borders, Human Rights Watch and Oxfam America.

The track listing for ‘Causes 1’ is as follows:

Animal Collective - 'Safer' (exclusive live version)
Black Keys - 'Stay All Night' (exclusive Chulahoma Session)
Bloc Party - 'Rhododendrons'
Bright Eyes - 'Coat Check Dream Song' (exclusive live version)
Cornelius - 'Wataridori' (exclusive piano version)
David Sylvian - 'Late Night Shopping' (exclusive Chris Vrenna remix)
Death Cab For Cutie - 'World Shut Your Mouth' (Julian Cope cover)
(International) Noise Conspiracy - 'Washington Bullets'
The Cure - 'The Walk' (exclusive live version)
The Shins - 'Turn On Me' (exclusive Clint Mansell remix)
Spoon - 'Rhythm & Soul' (exclusive middle version)
Teargas & Plateglass - 'One Day Across The Valley'
Thievery Corporation - 'Passing The Stars'
Travis - 'Gimme Some Truth' (exclusive John Lennon cover)


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