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Interviews: Oobliette and Dominic Davi talk about the return of Tsunami Bomb
Posted on 2015-11-11 03:00:10
Artist/band(s): Tsunami Bomb [FB], Vandals [FB]

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Tsunami Bomb is back! Founded by Oobliette and Dominic Davi, the band soon went on to define pop-punk with their singer Agent M. After some lineup changes, the band ended in 2005, Davi and Oobliette having left years before.

But now, original members Oobliette, Davi, Brian Plink and Gabriel Lindeman have brought back the Bomb. They're playing their first show back on December 19 with the Vandals
and they're releasing a rarities collection on January 29. But, all eyes are on the band: Are they still an entity of nuclear warhead capabilities or are they just little firecrackers?

Punknews' John Gentile spoke to Oobliette and Davi about the reunion, playing without Agent M and their first show back.


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