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50 Cent And Tony Yayo Talk Invitation Tour Kickoff
Posted on 2010-05-29 03:00:11
Artist/band(s): 50 Cent [FB]

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'I have to keep changing the set so that it's not the same show every night,' Fif says of concert video leaking online.By Shaheem Reid

Tony YayoPhoto: MTV News

50 Cent comes home Friday night (May 28) when he starts his first tour in more than three years on U.S. soil.

G-Unit member Tony Yayo said there's no way he's missing the trek. "I'mma go out. I gotta go pick up some money with Fif," Yayo told MTV News last week about the Invitation Tour. "It's too easy with this guy. Stop playing with me, Fif. I'mma go out on the U.S. run. I think [Lloyd] Banks is going out. We just doing new things. 50 is so much into the movies; he started paying attention to the music again. He's so much into the movies, he's trying to be the next Will Smith.

"It's no place like home," Yayo added about performing in America. "It's no place like traveling in the U.S. Overseas is a whole different experience. The U.S. run is going to be great. Our first date is Cleveland. We're going to Vegas, everywhere."

On Friday, 50 told that he'll be refining his stage show throughout the trek.

"This tour was designed for me to come back and massage my new ideas on the public," 50 said. "Because of the technology, there's no real mystique to your actual performance anymore. After the first show, that's gonna be on YouTube. So I have to keep changing the set so that it's not the same show every night. Some of the same staging and production value, but I have to keep changing it. That means more rehearsals in the process, but you offer more than one show. I got so much material, I could actually perform for three hours straight, so it's easier for me to make the decision to change music than a newer artist that doesn't have that kind of catalog, where they can keep switching songs to play music that people are going to enjoy."

Expect a live band to be backing the Unit.

"I love it," Yayo said of the instrumentation. "It's nothing like a live band. Shout-out to my live band in L.A. Instruments, the live band, the guitar, the drums. You feel it, the crowd feels it. What I bring to the table is the energy. Banks is lyrical. 50 has the brains, the smarts. I bring the energy. So when I hear the drums, the bass line, the guitars, the energy level is raised up, versus just having the DJ scratching in the back."

Are you planning to check out the G-Unit on tour? What do you expect from their show? Let us know in the comments!


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