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50 Cent And Floyd Mayweather Compare Stacks Of Cash In Online Video
Posted on 2009-11-20 03:00:12
Artist/band(s): 50 Cent [FB]

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Diddy, director F. Gary Gray and Rick Ross ex Tia Kemp also pop up in the clip, which was shot at the boxing champ's Vegas home.By Shaheem Reid

50 Cent, F. Gary Gray and Floyd MayweatherPhoto:

50 Cent has been in full promo mode the past few weeks, pushing his album Before I Self Destruct. He did take some time off this past weekend, visiting the Las Vegas mansion of his friend Floyd "Money" Mayweather. Fif brought along Tia Kemp and her children, one of whom is the young son of 50 rival Rick Ross.

In footage that was released this week on, Fif is seen in the house taking pictures with Mayweather, and even Diddy pops up in the mix. Later, we see 50 and Floyd chop it up at a kitchen table with "Law Abiding Citizen" director F. Gary Gray.

Later, the boxing champ can't resist pulling out $100,000 in bills. Fif pulls out several hundred dollars but admits he doesn't carry as much cash as "Money" Mayweather — especially on Floyd's home turf.

"I gotta make a bet right quick," Mayweather says in the video. "I got a few dollars. I ain't f---in' with you right now."

Mayweather's young daughter holds 50's money and said, "That's not more than my dad."

50 then playfully takes his money from the child. "Give me my money, you little traitor. I thought you was down with me," he jokes, then kisses the little girl on her head. "He taught you to say that."

50 is back to work. He's performing at New York's Highline Ballroom on Monday to celebrate his album's release. 50 will also be making in-store record appearances at Best Buy stores in New York and New Jersey on Friday.


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