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AFI » yeah...

Posted on 2007-10-20 19:24:28,   Replies: 5,   Views: 579

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Reply: ummm   posted on 2007-10-22 11:49:42

what is that supposed to mean? how ami supposed to reply? well i like afi none the less... lol they rock!

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Reply: Untitled   posted on 2007-10-22 21:03:04


krissyface View: Profile - All Replies
Reply: this is   posted on 2007-11-02 12:21:23

way ghey...
what the hell is this supposed to be about
old school afi rules
new sucks
hey miss murder can i kill myself b/c this songs ghey
oh and blakq audio
thye're alright lol
all in all davey havok is an arteeest

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Reply: afi and blaqk audio!!!!!   posted on 2007-11-06 15:27:25

afi and blaqk audio!!!!!!! rule!!!i luv u guys!!!! ur music means the world to me!awesome concerts so many i've seen and thanxs to davey havok for his beautiful presence!!!-mari-1

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Reply: well...   posted on 2007-11-27 20:37:09

i was introduced to AFI when AOD came out..and i now own all of their albums and eps..but i love the fact that they change a lil bit each album..its why they are so successful..more and more ppl catch on to AFI when each album comes out..its amazing!! but i get what krissyface is sayin, old school AFI fans arent quite as appreciative of new AFI..either way in my opinion, all of their albums have been quality material..DU isnt that bad, i mean you get used ot it..and DXH is still a freakin lyrical genious..and adam is one of the best drummers..and we all know about jade and hunters mad shreddin yeah theres my 2 cents..

oh BA...i love it! im a fan of depeche mode, so yeah Blaqk Audio satisfies me. once again davey and jade express their amazing skills...its really a great side when you think about it..cant wait for their 2nd album either!!
im done i guess. for now.

BTW!! any DF members or AFI board memebers on here???

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