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Panic at the Disco » may seem like an odd question but...

Posted on 2007-10-03 21:11:19,   Replies: 4,   Views: 548

danichiki View: Profile - All Threads

Does any one know why the album was scrapped? I hear about it on buzznet but there was nothing really about it accept that it wasn't going to be released. I'm just curious as to why?

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cheesenips View: Profile - All Replies
Reply: Scarped   posted on 2007-10-13 14:45:15

Becuase they thought it did sound like them, they said it was really good but if you listen to it, it had nothing to do what "Panic at the disco" played but what " Brendon, ryan, jon and spencer" like to play.. that what ryan said in an interview...not excate words though

hazardous86 View: Profile - All Replies
Reply: Scrapped   posted on 2007-11-11 16:03:32

yeah. i read it on buzznet as well and what i remember reading is Ryan said something along the lines of that they would have to start a new band for those songs, that's how different it was, so they scrapped it.

whoaxnikki View: Profile - All Replies
Reply: hmm.   posted on 2007-11-11 18:00:45

i just heard an interview from two weeks ago or sometime like that, that they will be releasing the album.
but it will be next year.

but there are songs that they said will probably not be on the record.

& i've heard that they made a song about how they hate slash, but it will probably to explicit for the album.

but im pretty sure they will still have the album, since the most recent interview i've seen of them said they will be.

ThisIsHowWeDance View: Profile - All Replies
Reply: Untitled   posted on 2007-12-30 13:15:38

aaaaaaaah! only...86 days!

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